Peak performance by free potential

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Hi, I am Ruth, biomedical libero, wolverine, and founder of UmamiFlow


I have over 11 years of pharmaceutical industry experience across different therapeutic areas and R&D functions related to Clinical Development, Critical Phase Project Management, Process Excellence, Regulatory Submissions, Data Management and Market Access Health Economics, on global, EMEA and national level.

Personal likes and characteristics

Am… a lover of knowledge, creativity and challenges; a scanner; very eager; multipotentialist; persevering; all-rounder; curious

Like… freedom; to take the lead; to be challenged by what ‘can ‘t be done’; to do things differently; idealism; to do new things; to organize; pioneering; non-conformity; heroes; efficiency and effectiveness, entrepreneurs

Passion4… learning, excellence, sports (running and cycling), mastery

Don’t like… limits, negativism, averages, unused potential, injustice

Believe in… something bigger than consensus, win-win-win, the power of nature and organic growth, the unlimitedness of your brain, a big pool of unused potential, the future, health as a service

I appreciate lean startup environments and the effort it takes to build something from scratch. Or environments that are open for transformation. Places where many roles need to be combined and someone has to step in and get the job done. I can excel in more ways than one (across a wide range of initiatives), even if it means doing grunt work and will make an immediate impact.
I appreciate nonprofit organizations that improve global health and encourage healthy behaviors.

The role of ‘biomedical libero’

A libero is perceptive, uses many skills and has a deep understanding of the services required by a team. His job is to scan, analyze, anticipate, fill gaps and make quick decisions. A libero has an ad hoc position and so can move a great deal forward, lift obstacles, and plays an important role in the team’s success. The word ‘libero’ is used in sports and means ‘free’ and ‘versatile’.

Courage to overcome obstacles

I have the tendency to behave as a ‘shaper’. According to Belbin, shapers are challenging individuals, who provide the necessary drive to ensure that the team kept moving and doesn’t lose focus or momentum. Shapers give drive and direction and ensure deadlines are not missed. Contribution: Challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure. Image: ‘duracell bunny’.

How I perceive the world

According to MBTI tests, I have an ESTJ or ENTJ personality.  Indeed, both the sensing ‘S’ and intuitive ‘N’ side of my brain dominate; I use the details of the present and past reality to recognize and interpret overall patterns, concepts and relationships and imagine future possibilities. In addition, I experience a constant tension between the four preference pairs and change boxes depending on the situation. I like to pursue many different projects and jump between wildly different paths.

More trust in certificates?

I am a wolverine, love to learn and achieved the following:
-       Master in Biomedical Sciences (option : human biology) from the University of Antwerp (UIA); great distinction
-       Process Excellence Green Belt
-       Master in Project Management from the George Washington University School of Business
-       Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Antwerp Management School (AMS); great distinction
-       Part of the European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD) from the University Claude Bernard Lyon