Peak performance by free potential


Enhancing performance – the synergistic effect of Umami

Umami is a distinct, unique standalone, difficult to describe flavor, also called “the fifth taste”. It has a synergistic effect, makes other flavors richer and more intense, is associated with delicious food, and has no western translation. Therefore it’s not to be captured or put in a box; it’s complex, unlimited and a health symbol. We don’t promote one sole methodology or fixed approach but use pragmatic judgment, situational intelligence and creativity to dothings ‘with a twist’. Expertise is only the beginning; the actual satisfaction comes from results and peak performance.

Release potential – in search of the Flow

Flow is the mental butterfly state where you experience maximum creativity, full involvement, passion and completely focused motivation. In Flow, emotions are positive and energized, and you feel spontaneous joy in what you do and unlimited freedom where everything is possible. It is the rich state where heroes and peak performers are in. Giving potential it’s freedom and creating the right conditions can improve your chances of Flow.

UmamiFlow’s purpose

=2free potential.
We want to do meaningful things in an environment where we fit, go far beyond compromise, give unlimited boost, and pursuit to make a difference.

Values and philosophy

Integrity (honesty, sincerity, standing up for beliefs)
Dedication (commitment, interdependence)
Authenticity (realness, trustworthiness)
Health (physical and mental well-being)
Freedom (independence, autonomy, liberty)
Personal Development (learning, strengthening, realizing potential)


“When we treat man as he is, we make him worse than he is; when we treat him as if he already were what he potentially could be, we make him what he should be” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe