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Ok, this feels like a good first step. But ‘the best is yet to come’, so I ‘m already restless about the next phase. Abstracting some ideal products and projects from the content of this site is not so easy. But I believe it’s important to increase the chance that the right things cross your path. ‘Ideal’ is important in this summary: it may be difficult, complex, a challenge and hard work, but it should also be meaningful, good, … idealistic some would say.

Most people I met so far, who have decided to work on their own, have two parallel modi operandi. One predictable way where they settle for ‘good enough’ and make money; not the reason I want to get in touch. And another modus of discovery, creativity and rapid advancement that energizes them but doesn’t provide an income. I can ‘t accept that the 2 cannot be combined! People give great feedback in that they ‘ll always remember you when they ride their bike, even if it has been years since we met. Or that you made them dó things they always wanted. Or that you are the best. I don’t know in what, but that’s what I want: release potential, change the world, do meaningful things for others and at the same time have fun and feel alive.

Thought 1. I heard Peter Piot on the radio this week. Explaining he got bored sitting in unproductive meetings where nothing happened. Waiting to make a real difference. When he joined the WHO, it was not easy to accept that all went so slow, but at least when you succeed, when you can really change country policies, it really makes a difference for thousands of people. AIDS would not have turned into a chronic disease by now if he didn’t influence to lower the cost of antiretrovirals.

Thought 2. Did you read the article of Bart Van Coppenolle in De Tijd? He proposes ways to get out of the negative cycle of the economic crisis, like ‘no more debts’ or new bottom-up systems. All good ideas worthwhile considering. And what do you see? Criticism all over – mostly from people without vision – to elaborate on all the things that are not possible, to declare him megalomane or a dreamer. We should welcome these solutions to solve society problems!

Thought 3. I think being an ‘observer’ from the VN is the ultimate job to drive you crazy. You are sent to regions with a reality of violence, injustice, human rights violations, … in short: hell. Places where the best time to help was yesterday. But… you are not allowed to do anything; not even to defend the people who need it! How frustrating must that be?! No, you have to stay ‘civil’, get on the plane, always stay calm, and spend the next two weeks writing a report about it. Result? One side of frustration and the other side as bad as ever. Cost? Yes. Time spent? Yes. I don’t understand… how can you stay motivated for a job with no results?

At least for me, personal well-being and sense of self-worth is based on productivity. It should be possible to get more energizing days and at the same time have a positive impact on others or make a lasting difference.

The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it (Chinese proverb).

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  • Peter Deckers says:

    Hey Ruth, thanks for your inspring thoughts! Keep on sharing these :)

    July 2, 2012 at 11:36 pm

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