Peak performance by free potential


You may be facing a period of transition, crisis or change within your organisation. This may lead to a temporary need of resources, skills or external view.

UmamiFlow wants to think along and help you finding the right solution.

The first step is to assess your needs and understand your requirements. We take charge of the assignment leveraging experience and skills to meet the agreed objectives.

As a Biomedical libero, I am capable of solving problems, investigating root causes, communicating with people from different departments, and implementing changes on an individual basis. I can work in a wide variety of bio or pharmaceutical environments, depending on our common interests, needs and ambitions.

We thrive for peak performance – we want to boost the best (out of you) – we like to make you smile (a lot!).

-          Guidance for organizations towards better results by improving motivation and productivity
-          Optimization of team processes (DMAIC, …)
-          Change management and bridging: alignment of cross-functional perspectives (eg academic and industry) into focused company direction
-          Project leadership and process management
-          Event management: facilitation, leadership and organization of workshops, team meetings, cross-departmental events
-          Interim management
-          Critical phase project and team management: guide and lead cross-functional teams through crucial phases and towards focused deliverables.
-          Organizational development and coaching